About the project

This tool has been created as part of a project investigating antimicrobial resistance, supported by the Economic and Social Research Council of UK Research and Innovation (Supporting Evidence-Based Policy: a longitudinal study of AMR risk behaviours among livestock-keeping communities in India and Kenya, project number ES/P00492X/2).

Semi-structured household interviews were performed in communities across Kajiado and Kiambu Counties in Kenya and Maharashtra and Gujarat Districts in India to gather data on use of antibiotics within these communities. Environmental samples, including soil, water and animal faeces, were also collected in Kajiado County, Kenya. Samples were screened for E. coli and isolated bacteria screened for phenotypic antibiotic resistance to a range of antibiotics using disc diffusion methodology.

The team

Project Lead:Professor Claire Heffernan, Royal Veterinary College, UK
Project Team:Dr Naomi Bull, Dr Ben Swift, Joshua Stephenson, Dr Ellen Geerlings and Kaliat Ammu Sanyal
Project Partners:VetWorks Eastern Africa, Arupa Mission Research Foundation and BAIF Development Research Foundation


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